Get out and have fun !


If there is one activity that Karimunjawa is known for it is the amazing snorkeling tours.

The Karimunjawa Archipelago is an ideal location for easy access to some of the best snorkeling sites in Indonesia.

With Snorkeling- Tour Karimunjawa you can get what you are looking for. 

Once you take a peek underneath the surface you can explore up to 250 different species of corals, beautiful coral fish, discover sea turtles and with some luck spot some dolphins from the boat.


What makes us the best in Karimunjawa?


First of all, we do  understand what people want.  When you are having a great time with your friends or family and come back from our tour with a big smile in your face, we know that we did something right !

We only work with the best guides in Karimunjawa and they not only know the best spots and best beaches and where to go with you, they also have some English skills to make communication easy.

Our captains are great people, and some of them are amazing free divers. 

Last not least, we always respect the enviroment ! Karimunjawa Island is a National Marine Park. When you do come here please do respect the nature, and not  take anything than amazing pictures and unforgettable memories... 

Over 7 years of combined experience & expertise


We have made many people happy in the past and we sure will give you the best experience 

that you deserve. 

> Low Prices Guaranteed !

> No Hidden Fees !

> The price you see is the price you pay !

Snorkeling  Tours Karimunjawa offer a great way to enjoy a day with your family or friends while vacationing in Karimunjawa island. So grab a mask and a snorkel and join us on one of our daily adventures that take you out on the beautiful archipelago of Karimunjawa National Park for a full day of fun and activities.


Jalan Kapuran, Karimunjawa

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